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Duffers Chip Wagon

Fresh Cut French Fries / Poutine / Homemade Burgers / Chicken Burgers / Chicken Fingers / Hotdogs & Pogo / Sausage / Onion Chips / Coffee & Tea / Pop & Juice / Milk / Milkshakes / Fruit Smoothies / Ice Cream / Chips (Bags) / Chocolate Bars

Combo Meals
#1 Hotdog Combo – Jumbo Hotdog, Fresh Cut French Fries, Pop
#2 Burger Combo – Hamburger, Fresh Cut French Fries, Pop
#3 Sausage Combo – European Sausage, Fresh Cut French Fries, Pop
#4 Chicken Sandwich Combo – Chicken Sandwich, Fresh Cut French Fries, Pop

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Polished Day Spa & Salon

Services Offered: Manicure, pedicure, relaxation massage and hair washing!

Harry's Hots

Hotdogs (3 ways) / Sausage (2 kinds) / Beef burger (4.7oz) / Cheese burger / Veggie burgers / Cold drinks

*NEW* Combo’s
Mac & cheese dog (comes with bag of chips and a drink)
Mac & Cheese burger (comes with bag of chips and a drink)
Add Mushrooms (extra)

Pearls From Under The Sea

Offering Pearl Oyster Openings, to reveal the beautiful pearl inside.

Akoya Oysters Cultured Pearls

The General

Inspired by the “Old General Stores” of days gone by, where the community would gather and all manner of goods could be found, THE GENERAL is located at 11 Main Street, Warkworth in an historic Warkworth building, formerly occupied in the early 1900’s by Wesley Saylor Hardware Store & later in the 1960’s by JOHNNY BOUND’S, a favorite of Warkworth “kids in the know”.

At “THE GEN” we carry on the tradition by offering curated eclectic goods featuring artisans & crafters including Warkworth artists Christopher Thorpe & Luke Edwards; local Chocolate Artisans, CENTRE & MAIN, as well as SOMA Chocolate, world class Toronto Chocolatiers; Small batch bitters makers DILLONS & BLACK CLOUD; foundry artisans OLD QUEBEC HARDWARE, as well as brands such as HBC (Hudson’s Bay) and WOOLRICH.

THE GENERAL is proudly home to our own original designs, the now iconic “K0K 3K0” & “ WARKWORTH 1857” Adult, K0K Kid & K0K Baby; TShirts & Community Swag. To celebrate CANADA 150 we are carrying a variety of Canada’s finest foods, including SALTWEST small batch salt harvested in Sooke BC, Saskatoon Berry Jam from Riverbend Plantation, Saskatchewan.

In the tradition, THE GENERAL welcomes one & all!

The Bakery

We are a family run bakery in the beautiful village of Warkworth. We believe in creating and sharing delicious, quality baked goods by sourcing the best local ingredients. We have been instilled with a strong belief that food cooked with love, for loved ones and family, will always taste better. We have everything you need including Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream, Fresh Bread. Pies, Butter Tarts, Cookies and Frozen Prepared Meals.

The Bakery, 2-B Mill St, Warkworth ON

Pet Sitting in Mountain Grove

You are searching for someone to take care of your pets while you are away, but you want to make the right choice. Roomy living quarters – frequent walks – proper care – sensible pricing; these are all factors that you’re taking into consideration. You want what’s best for both you and your pet.

Mountain Grove Pet Sitting is a home-based pet sitting business minutes off Highway 7, nestled in the beautiful Land o’ Lakes area, in the township of Central Frontenac. It is owned and operated by Laura Mills, a fellow pet-owner and animal lover.

Laura built the service that she would choose to watch over her own pets, and now that service is available to you.

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The Sirens Bliss

The Sirens Bliss is providing The Luring Bliss of Home.This company is all about health and wellness in a natural way, providing items such as incense, smudges, burners, tumbled stones, stone pendants, and more.