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No Dogs and No Glass Containers

Festival Schedule

Thu Jul 25, 2019

12 Noon – Check in and set up

5 PM – Sign up for Open Mic begins

7-11 PM – Open Mic Event

Overnight Camping


Fri Jul 26, 2019

1:30-2:00 Opening Ceremonies

2:00-3:30 Washboard Hank

3:30-5:00 Wicked Truth

5:00-6:30 Supper Break

6:30-8:00 Cruisin

8:00-10:00 Symply Skynyrd

10:00-12:00 Bon Jovi Forever

Overnight Camping


Sat Jul 27, 2019

9-1   Classic Breakfast by Percy Ag Society

2:00-3:30 – James Kirkham

3:30-5:00 – Soda Jerks

5:00-6:30 – Supper Break (no music)

6:30-8:00 – Rayzor’s Edge

8:00-10:00 – Blue Angel 

10:00-12:00 – Hells Bells Canada

Overnight Camping


Sun Jul 28, 2019


Pack Up and Checkout

Friday Bands – July 25, 2019 from 2 PM to 12 AM

Washboard Hank – Friday 2:00-3:30 PM

Washboard Hank’s exploits as singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and comedic backwoods philosopher, have delighted and entertained people for over 35 years.He started as a street musician playing all over North America where he learned how to present a truly entertaining show. Late at night he would have total strangers laughing and dancing in the grimmest of urban settings. This ability to spread joy has been Hank’s constant goal..

The Stradovarious Washboard, from which he gets his name, is a musical phenomenon of the first order that he plays with breathtaking virtuosity. With wild flailing motions he carves out melodies in the most unlikely yet spectacular fashion. Hank also plays guitar, 4 & 5 string banjos and the kitchen sink tuba.


Wicked Truth – Friday 3:30-5:00 PM

No. We’re NOT like every other band. We may not even be like ANY other band. We do things differently. We think differently. And we perform differently. So why settle for ordinary when Wicked Truth is anything but?

A Wicked Truth show is about the SHOW. The music isn’t the same old stuff everyone plays but IS music that people universally love. That said, it’s the SHOW that keeps people coming back.

We LOVE to perform… and it shows. There’s no standing still and looking bored here! With sets longer than any other band, our passion and energy lasts all night long… and it’s contagious! The crowd feed off us, and we feed off them. That cycle just keeps building song after song, set after set.

It’s what makes a Wicked Truth show an unforgettable experience to be a part of.

And, of Course, The Music

Born with freakish range, our frontman can belt out chilling renditions of some of the most challenging vocal performances of our time – including Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, David Lee Roth, and Bon Scott.

The band plays to the skill-level of such legendary musicians as Slash, Eddie Van Halen, and Jimmy Page. Our advanced Roland drums specifically have the unique ability to perfectly reproduce the sounds of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Van Halen, and Guns ’n Roses, played to the remarkable technical accuracy of the greats like John Bonham, Alex Van Halen, and even Neil Peart.


Friday 5:00-6:30 – Supper Break (no music)

Crusin – Friday 6:30-8:00 PM

Cruisin 50s and 60s Band is a four piece band that has been playing all over Ontario, Canada since 1991. Our very experienced band is based out of Cobourg, Ontario, and plays car shows, fairs, outdoor festivals, dance halls, and private parties. We play music just the way it was meant to be played – no costumes or gimmicks; just straight forward Rock and Roll music.


Symply Skynyrd – Friday 8:00-10:00 PM

Symply Skynyrd is an Ontario-based tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd devoted to bringing the classic Skynyrd sound to fans in clubs and festivals in Southern Ontario. Hot off the Molson stage of Port Dover’s famous Friday the 13th event, the band has been tearing up popular venues and well-known festivals from London to Kingston Ontario – and all points in between.

Based in the GTA and comprised of veteran musicians who are fans first, the band is committed to playing the best of Skynyrd for fans and music lovers alike. These veteran rockers strive to capture the classic band sound and catalogue from the 1970’s to the 1977 famous Street Survivors album. While other tribute bands play everything under the Southern Rock genre, for Symply Skynyrd it’s all about the pure Skynyrd experience. And, since the bands launch in 2017, its been a resoundingly successful ride.

Symply Skynyrd’s setlist consists of the classics – Call Me the Breeze, Gimme 3 Steps and of course Sweet Home Alabama and anthemic Freebird, but they always try to mix in the fan favorites and some “b-sides” when possible such as the Ballad of Curtis Loew.


Bon Jovi Forever – Friday 10:00 PM – Midnight

Founded in 2002, Bon Jovi Forever is committed to bringing you the best Bon Jovi tribute out there. From the iconic smash hitsof the 80’s and the fist pumping sounds of the 90’s right up to today’s newest hits, Bon Jovi Forever fills the dance floor while paying tribute to the amazing rock and roll band.

Each of the five band members assumes and commits to the role of the character that they take on while on stage. From the stage set up to the signature moves, they portray everything you know and love about Bon Jovi in concert. Lead singer, Baz Littlerock sounds identical to Jon Bon Jovi – you have to hear it to believe it!

​More than just a tribute band, Bon Jovi Forever brings the excitement of a real Bon Jovi show and the sound of the studio combined together to bring one of the most high-energy performances and fan-friendly shows that you will ever see.


Saturday Bands – July 26, 2019 from 2 PM to 12 AM

Warkworth Music Fest Classic Breakfast

Saturday July 29 9AM-1PM

Come enjoy a homemade breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, chili beans, toast, coffee or juice. All for only $8. Classic Breakfast hosted by Percy Agricultural Society with proceeds to help with fireworks at the Warkworth Fall Fair.

James Kirkham – Saturday 2:00-3:30 PM

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Soda Jerks – Saturday 3:30-5:00 PM

The Soda Jerks plays a celebration of the greatest music of the 50’s & 60’s. With a band that consists of an International Buddy Holly Tribute and seasoned professional players, the Soda Jerks and their high energy show pay respect to a time when rock n’ roll was fresh and fun! If you’re looking for a good time you got it made in the shade with The Soda Jerks.

The Soda Jerks are:
David Crane: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Alex Lajambe: Drums, Saxophone, Vocals
Art Lajambe: Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Scott: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards and Buddy Holly

The Soda Jerks’ Facebook Page

Saturday 5:00-6:00 – Supper Break (no music)

Rayzor’s Edge – Saturday 6:30-8:00 PM

Rayzor’s Edge started out around a campfire somewhere in North Ontario. Ray and Jake have been playing in the Warkworth area for the last few years. They are inspired by music, yet face the challenges of raising a family and paying the bills. They love to play classic rock, rockin’ country and Ray’s originals as well.

At the age of 14, Ray decided he would like to play guitar, so he picked up his brother’s and taught himself “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young. It took him six weeks and he has been playing ever since. In his early twenties, Ray made a living playing the bars in Toronto, but left that life for his family. Ray writes and has a large collection of his own material.

Jake has been singing in his car since he was 16, but only in recent years has decided to take it to the stage. Jake has taken to karaoke at the local legion and continues on with Rayzor’s Edge.

The current lineup of Rayzor’s Edge is:
Q – Drums
Stoner – Bass
Mrs Q – Keyboards and vocals
Rayzor – Rhythm guitar, vocals and harmonica
Dr Don – Lead guitar
Wakko – Lead vocals

Rayzor’s Edge Facebook Page

Blue Angel – Saturday 8:00-10:00 PM

Blue Angel, formed in 2012, is the 80’s Experience. They will take you back to the glorious days of “Arena Rock.” Step back into the era of big hair and classic rock music, and relive your high school years over and over as they play all your FM radio favourites! Grab your hair and your spandex, and get ready to ROCK!


Hells Bells Canada – Saturday 10:00 PM – Midnight

Hells Bells were formed in 1994 and have performed over 1500 shows across Canada and the US. When not touring the nation, they continue to rock the concert halls of Ontario on a regular basis.

The show is a MUST SEE, with visual effects and stunning reproduction of the music and attitude of AC/DC.

Solid tempos, tuned to concert pitch and, note for note reproduction are all part of the performance that set this band apart from all the other tribute acts. Focusing on the accuracy of each and every performance while hanging out in Hell is the mission statement.

The show is truly the ultimate tribute to AC/DC.


Chloe Whalen

I’m Chloe Whalen and I’ll be your host for this years festival!

I am a recent graduate of the makeup artistry program at Sheridan College and an alumni of CDHS. I love performing and hosting shows for an audience. I absolutely can not wait to be part of WMF again this year.

Photography: Brian Kim / Make Up: Carley Wilson